The DTMF Decoder & remote controller by transceiver FEATURES - Simple & Easy DTMF board for DTMF-Decoder & remotely controlled switch - Decodes receiving each DTMF signals, displays on a FND. - DTMF signals that are in accord with your 3-digit password will make turn on the relay on this board and a 3-digit off passwrd will make turn off the relay. - Provides three output ports (one relay output, two transistor outputs). - Two kinds of a acknowledgement tone that are transmitted by this board will let you know whether the relay is turned into ON/OFF or not. - Easy to input and change your own password. (No need any back-up Battery for the password reservation) - Modern hand-held TRX without a number-Key pad also could be used for this board. - Mini-s1ze : 2.5" x 2.14" (63 m/m x 54 m/m). - Required Power : 12VDC ( 9 ~15VDC) *DTMF- 2 User Manual (PDF)*