For your Home-Automation or Industrial Application !!! 1. Very simple and easy to use by remote-control over the telephone. 2. The automatic- voice-replies(english)which will announce whenever you call Telecont1, send dtmfs through regular (or cellular) telephone. these let you credibly command the Telecont1. (telephone-connection situation, control command entry,on/off status of, disconnect) 3. Provides 4-outputs of the 4-relays's contactor controlled independently by DTMFs over the telephone (or cellular phone). 4. NO need any external relay board. 5. Provdes a screw-type terminal blocks on the PCB for easy wiring. 6. Comes with 3-digit security code (password) 7. Requires only a 12VDC 300mA (or more)adaptor and a telephone-line. 8. No need any back-up battery against the power-outage. 9.PCB-board Size : appr 5" x 3" (12 x 8cm). * Telecont1 User Manual (PDF) *