Watchdog-2 (WD-2)
Automatic phone caller for an alert-beep to you over the telephone. 1. Once an external switch(SENSOR) is closed(ON), This WD-2 makes a phone call to you and send you this abnormal status by two kind of alert-beeps that will let you know something happens! also a caller ID(telelphone number) will be left on your cell phone twice. 2. The telephone number memorized in WD-2 can be easily changed by yourself with Keypad. this telephone number is not erased even in case of the long time power-outage. (No need any back-up battery for retaining a memorized telephone number for a call) 3. Maximum 12-digit number of the your telephone number can be memorized. 4. Size : 97 x 73m/m, Provedes many applications and easy use. 5. Required power : 12VDC or 5VDC * If you hamve any question concerning this product, e-mail me please.* * WD-2 board User Manual (PDF)*